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My Fellow Menstrual Constituents,

It is finally December. What an interesting year right? As we are all winding down to either go on school holidays or take that well-deserved leave from work, there is one thing that’s not taking a break during the festive season and that is our periods.

Now I know you’re probably dreading the thought of having to deal with one more period for 2023, (unless you have irregular periods, which then I recommend you see a gynaecologist for!) but I wanted to share my tips on how you can ensure that Aunt Flo’s arrival is a pleasant one for the Festive season.

  • Pack a Period Kit: Whether you’re hitting the road or flying high, always have a period kit on hand. Fill it with your favourite menstrual products, a mini hot water bottle, and some mood-lifting essentials. Trust me; it’s a game-changer.
  • Indulge in Self-Care: The festive season can be a whirlwind, so don’t forget to prioritize self-care. Treat yourself to a cosy night in with a good book, and your favourite snacks, and if you don’t know what period self-care essentials you need, there’s an incredible South African period wellness shop called Aurora Wellbeing that has some good period self-care goodies. From debloat medication to assist with the PMS bloat, to incredible bath bombs, Aurora Wellbeing has everything and ANYTHING to give you that well-deserved self-care. FYI: I’ve partnered up with them to give my Menstrual Community a discount code. Be sure to use JOLLYFLOWMAS23 and get some shopping!
  • Choose Comfort in Style: Festive fashion is fabulous, but comfort is key. Opt for outfits that make you feel good and won’t leave you tugging at uncomfortable waistbands, I always opt for baggy and stylish clothes that don’t hurt my tummy during my period.
  • Embrace the Flow with Modibodi: If your holiday plans involve water activities, don’t let your period rain on the parade. Modibodi’s period-proof swimwear has your back, allowing you to dive into the festivities with confidence. And I promise you that when you sit on a towel, there will be no period stain! Don’t believe me? Check out their white towel challenge!
  • Rest, Rest, Rest! I mean, do I have to expand on this one? Period and Year End Fatigue is a real thing. I don’t have to tell you twice how important it is to SLEEP and get some fundamental rest, especially during your period. Whether that’s a quick power nap or some mindfulness moments, always ensure that rest is your #1 priority this festive season.

As the festive season unfolds, remember to be kind to yourself. Your period is a natural part of life, and it doesn’t have to steal the spotlight during this joyful time.

The holiday rush can be overwhelming but don’t forget to pause and prioritize self-care. Use your period as a gentle reminder to slow down, recharge, and appreciate your body. Treat yourself to the comfort of period-friendly essentials and take a moment to breathe amidst the festivities.

Amid the celebrations, find small ways to care for yourself. Whether it’s a quiet moment with a warm drink or a brief walk to clear your mind, these simple acts of self-care can make a big difference.

So, as you navigate the festive season, make a commitment – a commitment to listen to your body and show yourself the love you deserve. Here’s to a season filled with self-care, joy, and the empowerment that comes from taking time for yourself, especially during your period.

Wishing you a Jolly Flowin’ holiday season filled with self-love and well-being.

Yours in Period Positive Solidarity,

A Merry Minister of Menstruation

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