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minister of menstruation


Candice Chirwa

Candice Chirwa is a distinguished academic, author, engaging TEDx Speaker, podcast host, and dedicated social entrepreneur, fondly referred to as the “Minister of Menstruation”. 

Candice Chirwa
Candice Chirwa

About Candice

Candice is recognised for her exceptional work in educating young people about menstrual health through her acclaimed NGO, Qrate. She has authored several influential books, including “Perils of Patriarchy,” and “Flow: The Book About Menstruation”. Candice’s remarkable achievements in promoting menstrual education and advocating for women’s health have earned her prestigious awards and accolades.

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"Candice Chirwa, has become the voice of change in lifting the burden of menstruation for many girls in several South African communities."

– Purpose Pioneers

"I am Candice Chirwa, also known as the Minister of Menstruation. I am 25 years old, and I was born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa. Formally, I am an academic, menstrual activist, author, TEDx Speaker, and founder and director of my NGO, Qrate. I love drinking lots of coffee."

– Candice Chirwa for Global Citizen

"I really wanted people to understand that menstruation is bigger than just us menstruating for seven days."

– Candice Chirwa for OkayAfrica

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