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Founder and Director of QRATE

Candice founded her Non-Profit Company in 2018. Qrate is focused on enhancing critical thinking skills essential for young people, through the promotion of ‘Eduliftment’ (Education & Upliftment) as a tool to help & empower young people to understand their circumstances and explore options open to them through educational content.

Through Candice’s leadership, Qrate has been recognised locally and globally on various platforms for the valuable contribution it provides to communities with the Menstruation workshops.

QRATE features:

Period Poverty in South Africa

Tackling Menstruation Stigma through Education

perils of patriarchy cover

Author and editor of Perils of Patriarchy

In 2019, Candice debuted as an author in her self published collaborative book, Perils of Patriarchy which follows essays from ten women in South Africa depicting their personal and intimate experiences with the Patriarchy.

Purchase a copy of Perils of Patriarchy today. 

Author of Flow: The Book About Menstruation

A book published by Kwela Books to inform, educate, and empower all those who menstruate.

Candice and a dynamic group of authors wrote this book to help people who menstruate and those who don’t menstruate to be educated about periods in a candid, funny and relatable way.

Order your copy of Flow: The Book About Menstruation

Flow Podcast


perils of patriarchy cover

Candice connects with and empowers audiences of all ages and backgrounds on social topics including Menstruation. She’s proven this during talks at various events and companies including, TEDx, Nedbank, Amnesty International, Wits Origins Centre, among others.

Candice has appeared on various talk shows and TV programs commentating to the social issues in her area of expertise.

In her downtime, Candice enjoys engaging her audience around the world through her eccentric and dynamic storytelling podcasting medium. Candice is the founder and creator of her two podcasts, Patriarchy POPCast and What The Relationship which have both charted on Top #100 Podcasts on Apple Podcasts.



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