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Minister of Menstruation

Menstrual Health Activist

The Minister of Menstruation is changing the world, one period at a time. Minister of Menstruation, through different initiatives, is on a mission to educate everyone about periods to remove the stigma and taboo.



In her down time, Candice enjoys being a podcast host through her dynamic and engaging storytelling. Candice is the founder of three podcasts namely: What The Relationship, Patriarchy POPCast, Periodically Speaking and produces and co-hosts the Actionists Podcast.


Social Entrepreneur

Candice founded her Non-Profit Company in 2018. Qrate is focused on enhancing critical thinking skills essential for young people, through the promotion of 'Eduliftment' (Education & Upliftment) as a tool to help & empower young people to understand their circumstances and explore options open to them through educational content.

Through Candice’s leadership, Qrate has been recognised locally and globally on various platforms for the valuable contribution it provides to communities with the Menstruation workshops.



Candice has authored several influential books, including Perils of Patriarchy, Flow: The Book About Menstruation and has also made signficiant contributions to “V: An Empowering Celebration of the Vulva and Vagina.”

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